Zelda Timeline

  • Creation

    The Creation of the Land and Sky

  • Goddess Hylia and Sky Era

    Skyward Sword

    The Ancient Battle and the reincarnation of the Goddess Hylia

    Return to the surface

  • Era of Chaos

    The Sacred Realm is Sealed

  • Era of Prosperity

    The Hyrule Kingdom is established

  • Force Era

    The Minish Cap

    The Rise of the Evil Vaati

    Four Swords

    The Resurrection of Vaati

  • Era of the Hero of Time

    Hyrulean Civil War

    Ocarina of Time

    The Sacred Realm Becomes the Dark World

    Ganondorf becomes Ganon

  • Age of Calamity

    Age of Calamity

    Breath of the Wild

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