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Did you know that in every product you buy, you’re paying more for taxes / services the by the product itself? Every month you pay a fee from your salary, to pay taxes, and every month you pay car taxes, house. Nowadays you pay taxes even to go to your friend’s house, and don’t even know that, and still, Brazil is able to create new ways to steal our money. With the common internet shopping, many people decide to risk themselves and buy exterior products, with the risk of being taxed. This is how it works: If you buy a product, regardless of what it costs, of a company, you’ll be taxed, that’s the law of this country. So, the few people that thought that they would buy some things, for reasonable prices, were wrong.

Many products go without being taxed, because it’s a large amount of mail that get everyday on Brazil.

But, there is a small truce to the ones who have friends outside Brazil, if a person sends a product to another person and less than 50.00 dollars, it cannot be taxed. That’s good, right? We can still be happy, if you have friends outside.

Recently was the release day of Pokémon Platinum, for DS . I’m addicted to Pokémon, and I ran after its pre release and my Giratine’s Action Figure :D! The pre-order was made on, but unfortunately they don’t send Nintendo products to Brazil, I don’t know why, so I asked a friends of mine who lives in Los Angeles to buy and send it to me, so I’ve got it by Priority Mail International and the declared value of it was 35,00 dollars. I was already happy, close to get the cartridge before everyone in Brazil, so I’ve realized that the product has gone to verify it there were any taxes or not!

That’s when I got furious, and with reason, because it’s almost making one month that my friend sent it, and it was by Priority Mail International, delivering in 7 days, I paid expensive to be quick, and it’s stuck in there! The product comes with the fiscal note, and with my own, and my friends name on the envelope. That’s ok, I won’t be taxed, but still, the product took more than 4 times to get here, even going legally.

End of the history: Not only we pay taxes even for breathing, when we have the pleasure to get a present from a friend, they do that just to screw us, for fun!

Brazil \o/


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